Salt Rock Capital provides unsecured small business loans for healthy businesses.  Our unsecured small business loan terms are 18 months or less and you can get up to $150,000.  We make our lending decisions based on business performance and credit history.  We provide options for fixed repayments, you do not have to change your credit card processor, and we offer:

•  Funding in as little as 5-7 days

•  Lending based on business bank statements

•  Automatic repayment, which can improve your business credit

•  Higher capital at lower rates as you build your history


Some benefits of an unsecured small business loan are:

•  This is a true unsecured small business loan so it is treated as a regulated interest loan with a taxable deductible interest.

• The business loan will help you become bankable (attain a true bank loan down the road).

•  The most affordable rates in the industry so your cash flow is not restricted.

• Flexible terms with 6, 9, 12, and 18 month repayment schedules.

• We report to Equifax business bureau, so we help improve your business credit score during repayment.


An Unsecured Small Business Loan may be perfect for you if:

•  You’re a small, healthy business with a lot of transactions from a broad customer base

• You have steady cash flow

• You need working capital quickly

• You have been in business for at least two years


There’s more to your business than a credit score. Future credit card sales are often overlooked as an asset. Our Business Cash Advance program helps businesses by turning your future credit card sales into working capital. We offer up to $1,000,000 in capital and:

• NO personal guarantee

• NO credit score requirements

• NO collateral

• Funding in as little as 5 business days

• Repayment through a small percentage of future credit card sales


A Business Cash Advance may be perfect for you if:

• Your business accepts $2,500 a month in credit cards

• You have been turned down by a traditional financial institution

• You need cash quickly

 • You have been in business for at least one year