Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my loan for?

Many small businesses use our financing for purchasing inventory, equipment, payroll, taxes, or launching a marketing campaign

What if I have been turned down for a business loan at my bank already?

Salt Rock Capital may have the perfect solution for you. Our non-traditional programs do not ask for the same documentation your local bank does.  We have competitive programs for both good and bad credit profiles and we focus on business cash flows.

What are the chances of getting approved through Salt Rock Capital?

We work with a large number of direct funding sources. The percentage of approvals for our clients is among the highest in the industry.

When can I get cash?

We can fund usually within 5 – 7 business days after you submit our application.  Typically cash is available within 72 hours or less after final approval.

How long the application process takes?

We have a fastest pre-qualification form in the industry. Apply now and in 24 hours you will know if you are approved!

Am I required to post a collateral?

Unlike traditional bank loans there is no collateral required.

How is repayment of made?

We offer many types of repayment from ACH out of business checking account to direct payments from your credit card processor.

What is reported to the personal credit agencies?

Unlike bank loans that can affect individual future borrowing, our financing that you receive is never reported to personal credit agencies.  Some of our unsecured small business loans are reported to Equifax business credit bureau, which can help improve your business credit as you make repayment.

Can I receive additional money before I pay back my first loan in full?

Absolutely, when the financing is down to 50% of the original balance, your business can request additional funds through Salt Rock Capital.